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Differential Assy With Auburn Locker, 2.73:1 H1 Differentials : Lockers and Kits
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Differential Assy With Auburn Locker, 2.73:1
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Differential Assembly With Auburn Electric Locker, 2.73:1

Differential Assembly With Auburn Electric Locker, 2.73:1 Ratio. Fits 1992-1998 Hummer H1, 10,300 GVW.

Manufacturer: SAX Reman
Part No: 2750-273-AG
Core Price: 
$600.00  EA
Your Price: 
$1,795.00  EA
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Special Notes
Get your truck up that trail with our ready-to-install Auburn Differentials! These differentials are limited slip when not engaged. Press the switch and they are fully locked and ready for the toughest obstacles!

Kit includes remanufactured differential, set up with an Auburn ECTED locker, all of the necessary wiring and switches, and Auburn Limited Slip Additive.

SAX 1 Year/Unlimited Mileage Limited Warranty. Auburn ECTED unit is warrantied by Auburn Gear.

Core Charge is refundable upon return of your old unit. Core returns of a different ratio are subject to a reduction in core credit. See our Core Policy for additional details.
Application Notes

In order to ensure that the warranty on your differential assembly is safe, please adhere to the following:

  1.   Do not remove the pinion yoke. The torque on the yoke is set to a specific preload range for the pinion bearings. Removing the yoke can severely impact this setting and cause premature bearing failure and potential damage to the ring and pinion gears. We will not warranty any units that have had the yoke removed.
    2.    Make sure that the vent line is properly attached to the differential. Loose or unattached vent lines can cause water intrusion as well as seal leaks. Units with evidence of water intrusion are not covered by warranty.
    3.    If your unit is equipped with an aftermarket locker, be sure to read and follow the pertinent instructions for installation, testing, and operation in the included manual from the manufacturer.
    4.    Use only factory recommended fluids in the unit and change it at the proper intervals. *Units with the Auburn ECTED locker installed should use only non-synthetic gear oil and one of the following friction additives: Ford p/n C8A219B546A or GM p/n 1052358*
    5.    After the first 500 miles from installation, it is necessary to change the fluid in the unit. It is not unusual to see more than the normal amount of small metallic particles on the drain plug magnet at this time, especially on units with an aftermarket locker installed. This is from break in. Large particles are not normal and could indicate a problem.

1992 - 2004AM GeneralHummer H1

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