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Arctic Cat ATV CV Axle Assembly ATV Axles & UTV Axles : ATV CV Axle
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Arctic Cat ATV CV Axle Assembly
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Heavy Duty Arctic Cat ATV Axle

Engineered for extreme offroad use. Features 4340 Chrome Moly shaft. Fits various Arctic Cat ATV models.

Manufacturer: Interparts
Part No: ATV-AC-8-145
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List Price: 
$235.80  EA
Your Price: 
$196.50  EA
Special Notes

Fully assembled outboard and inboard joints installed on a 4340 chrome-moly steel shaft for exceptional off road durability. All internal components are precision ground to provide superior performance and are assembled using high temperature, high load bearing moly grease to ensure maximum internal lubrication and long service life.

All units feature a 6 month limited warranty.

2010Arctic Cat (ATV)1000 Mud Pro (4X4)
2008 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)1000 Thundercat FIS (4X4)
2009 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)1000 TRV (4X4)
2006 - 2008Arctic Cat (ATV)400 FIS (4X4)
2009 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)400 TRV (4X4)
2006 - 2009Arctic Cat (ATV)500 FIS (4X4)
2008Arctic Cat (ATV)500 TRV (4X4)
2009 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)550 FIS (4X4)
2009 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)550 TRV (4X4)
2010Arctic Cat (ATV)650 FIS (4X4)
2006Arctic Cat (ATV)650 H1 (4X4)
2007 - 2008Arctic Cat (ATV)650 H1 FIS (4X4)
2007Arctic Cat (ATV)650 H1 TBX (4X4)
2007 - 2008Arctic Cat (ATV)650 H1 TRV (4X4)
2009Arctic Cat (ATV)650 TBX (4X4)
2009Arctic Cat (ATV)650 TRV (4X4)
2006Arctic Cat (ATV)650 V2 FIS (4X4)
2006 - 2007Arctic Cat (ATV)700 FIS (4X4)
2008 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)700 H1 FIS (4X4)
2008 - 2010Arctic Cat (ATV)700 TRV (4X4)

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